In this follow-up to 1997's Swan Princess II, the royal couple Odette (Michelle Nicastro) and Derek (Brian Nissen) must face another evil magician, this time a frustrated sorceress named Zelda. While the kingdom is preparing for a huge annual celebration, Zelda uses it as an opportunity to find the formula for the Forbidden Arts, which is hidden somewhere in the castle. Successfully stealing the formula that will give her absolute power, she heads back to her lair where she soon discovers that the most important part is missing. In an attempt to acquire the missing piece, Zelda kidnaps Odette and holds her ransom until Derek delivers the rest of the formula to her. After Derek receives Zelda's ransom note, he and several animal friends set out to rescue Odette. But will he have to give Zelda complete power to do it?

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3.9 out of 5
130 Ratings

130 Ratings


So-so sequel recaptures some of 1st's charm and humor.

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