Love brings Mohamed and Fatma together, and they promise each other to get married. Mohamed is a fresh graduate suffering from financial problems, so he joins Nazih Pacha, a friend's (Adly) father as a partner in an import/export company with nothing to offer but his effort. Nazih Pacha travels abroad, leaving his business to Mohamed and Adly to run. Adly spends his father's money compulsively and makes the company suffer big losses, and when Nazih returns and finds out, he kicks his son Adly out of his house. Mohamed marries Fatma, to the envy of Etr the butcher, who wants Fatma for himself. Etr makes a plan to get Mohamed kicked out of the company and succeeds in it, after fabricating a crime and sticking it to him, while secretly trying to change Fatma's feelings towards Mohamed. When Fatma asks for divorce, Etr proposes to her, but Nazih Pacha finds that Mohamed is innocent at the right time, and this stops Fatma from marrying the butcher at the last moment.

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Rotana Studios


Arabic (Stereo)

English (Subtitles)

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