In 1998, after 86 years of law-abiding life, Red Rountree was caught trying to hold up a bank in Biloxi Mississippi. Before that he had survived the great depression, made a fortune in oil, supported a family and, as he tells it, “never even gotten a ticket for speeding.” In 2003, after a six-year crime spree, a few jail terms and a love affair with a 30 year-old drug-addicted prostitute, he died at age 92 with the undisputed title of “Worldʼs Oldest Bank Robber.” Using material collected during Redʼs last interview, taken in prison months before his death, as well as stories from those who knew him before he turned outlaw (friends, business partners, his second wife) and those who knew him as a notorious criminal (cops, lawyers, judges, bank tellers), the film chronicles both Redʼs career as a bank robber and the long and strange life that led him to it.

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