The Present: A girl in a tight dress. A seasoned criminal in a fast car. A date that ends with a gun shot to the face. The Past: Harlem of the late 80s has just been introduced to crack cocaine and money is everywhere. The one man at the center of it all is OG, a mastermind wise beyond his years connected to every player in the game of the day, who dominates the Harlem drug market with the help of his protégé JR and his two accomplices, Mike and Dee. OG strikes gold when he is introduced to The Honorable, an elite group of hit men connected to the Mafia who provide the benefits of top notch product from the Italians to OG. OG floods the streets with the drugs and all become rich beyond measure until The Honorable's connection to the mob turns snitch and all but OG and his crew remain on the outside. 25 Years later, OG has set up a prospective operation in a small wooded ski town looking to cash in on legalized marijuana, and he brings his remaining crew. When The Honorable come home from prison, OG sets them up to keep them out of trouble. What happens next will rock the foundation of what he has built to its core. Lives will be lost, friendships broken, all for a code most would call...Too Honorable.

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Closed captions (CC) refer to subtitles in the available language with the addition of relevant non-dialogue information.

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