Meet Torrente. He’s rude, crude, lewd… and a real private dick! The four action-comedies that make up the wildly popular Torrente series (The Dumb Arm of the Law, Mission in Marabella, The Protector and Lethal Crisis) feature the comic exploits of José Luis Torrente (Santiago Segura), a lazy, offensive and shamelessly politically-incorrect former cop who continues to “fight” crime as a private detective. Writer, director and star Segura takes no prisoners as his exasperating alter ego engages in all manner of shady outrageousness in pursuit of his own brand of justice. The Torrente series is the most successful movie franchise in Spanish film history and a box office sensation around the world. Now Torrente’s antics are available in the US on digital streaming platforms for the first time. In LETHAL CRISIS, the world's most uncouth private eye is framed for a crime he didn’t commit in the riotous fourth installment of the Torrente series. Tossed behind bars, Torrente (Santiago Segura) devises an inspired plan to escape and seek revenge on the man who sent him to prison. “Lethal Crisis” sold more than 1 million tickets in its opening weekend in Spain, making it the biggest domestic hit in Spanish box office history.

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