Before Trump, Bernie or Frank Underwood, Congressman Jim Traficant was the original bombastic populist, but with 'son-of-a-truck driver' street cred. As a mob-busting sheriff in Youngstown, Ohio, his refusal to evict steelworkers from their homes made him a folk hero. He demolished organized crime, defended himself against the Justice Department in a RICO case...and even vanquished President Clinton. In Congress, his thrift store suits and pompadour wig made him a court jester, while his profanity-laced anti-government tirades made him a hero to the disenfranchised. Traficant's 'one-minute' speeches earned him a cult-following, with his signature line... “Beam Me Up, Mr. Speaker...!' Funded through two successful Kickstarter campaigns, and featuring rich archival footage and extensive interviews with TV legend Ed O’Neill, Congressman Tim Ryan and Hall of Fame boxer Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini, Eric Murphy’s documentary is 'wild and funny' and a 'stellar portrait' of the most unraveled politician in American history.

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