Rebecca is a young woman who has been bald for three years. Sophie has not been able to expose her legs in public since she was twelve. Valerie went thirteen years before she learned she had a disorder. What they have in common is trichotillomania (trich), a Body Focused Repetitive Behavior which causes them to repetitively pull out their hair. Trichster follows seven individuals as they navigate the complicated emotions surrounding their hair pulling and the effect it has on their daily lives. Every sufferer deals with this little known disorder differently. One trichster struggles with revealing the extent of her disorder to her family, another posts deeply personal videos to thousands of followers, while yet another has learned to comfortably talk about it with her sister. This documentary aims to normalize trich by showcasing the first-person perspective of those who live with it every day. Crafted from over 350 hours of footage shot on Canon 5D cameras, YouTube videos, and personal video diaries, Trichster offers viewers an intimate look at a private disorder. These trichsters struggle to understand why they pull and how they can recover. The disorder is an ever-present part of their lives following them through family dinners, school projects, starting careers, and building relationships. By telling their stories, we hope to be the first step toward starting a larger conversation about trich and other body focused repetitive behaviors, thereby empowering those who are suffering silently to come forward and seek help.

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