Abhay (Randeep Hooda), Maya (Kangana Ranaut), Goti (Neil Bhoopalam) and Kalim (Angad Bedi) are four friends. They began their friendship when they met at a gym, run by their trainer - Ricky. Ricky meets with an accident and goes into coma. When these four friends find that the system is too corrupt to give them justice, they decide to do something about it. They become vigilantes. They do all this in a manner which makes fun of these departments and officials. And they call themselves: UNGLI GANG. In the process, Ungli Gang becomes the darling of the masses. ACP Kale (Sanjay Dutt) takes on the case of these outlaws and puts a bored cop, Nikhil (Emraan Hashmi), on the job to bust the gang. How Nikhil, brings Ungli Gang and Kale together; And how he turns these two parties on the corrupt Police Force, to bring it down, makes up the rest of the story.

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