In October 2016, UNESCO passed a resolution denying any connection between Judaism, Christianity, and the most sacred place for these two monotheistic religions, describing Jerusalem as an occupied territory, and the Temple Mount as well as the Wailing Wall, under their Arab and Muslim name alone, the “Haram al Shariff” and the “Al Buraq wall”. ”Unveiling Jerusalem” offers a journey through time, from a political controversy, in search of Salomon’s and Herod’s Temples, and traces what they may have left behind in history. Many experts, historians and archaeologists, bring their testimony, in images and exclusive documents. Did those Temples exist, on what used to be called ” Temple Mount “, as they appear in Jewish, Christian and Muslim holy scriptures, or are they, as the Palestinian Authority would like to believe, a legend, intended to allow Israel to monopolise places that historically do not belong to the Jewish state? Animated reproductions in three dimensions of the two Temples and their interior, a meticulous investigation, and the accompaniment of famous historians and archaeologists, make it possible to answer this question in a spirit of tolerance and peace.

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