"VolcanoScapes. . . Dancing with the Goddess" is a two-hour documentary. . . a volcano film unlike anything you have ever imagined. Volcanoes are a connection to the planet that we are able to make in no other way. “DWG"is an odyssey of sight and sound that takes us into the lives of those intimate with Pele, the Goddess of Volcanoes. While hula halaus chant and dance in honor of Pele… others “dance” with the Goddess in a variety of ways. Photographers, tour guides, artists, scientists, poets and musicians alike are influenced by Pele’s magnificent manifestations. ‘Dancing with the Goddess’ takes us into a new world of respect, wisdom and awe for one of the most amazing creations anywhere… the birth of the earth! Emmy Award-Winner, Mick Kalber has been documenting the current eruption of Kilauea Volcano since it roared to life in the mid-1980s. This two-hour epic takes viewers through thirty years of Kalber’s amazing volcanography. It’s the untold beauty of the world’s most active volcano… experienced through the eyes, ears and voices of those who are most intimate with the Goddess, Pele. Kilauea volcano is hypnotic… it fascinates us. Our program explores what being near an active volcano means to a variety of people; from those who perform hula depicting it, to those who study it, write about it, capture images of it in various forms, guide others to see its wonders up close, or create artwork inspired by Pele’s handiwork. Most have a deep spiritual connection with the volcano. We share, in a variety of ways, what the volcano means to these people, how its energy translates to their everyday lives, and why they are willing to get up close and personal with a force some people consider to be highly dangerous. Our story is told without narration. Each person tells his or her own story and connection with our Hawai`ian volcanoes… the Pacific heartbeat of the planet. There are many ways of interacting with the volcano… from hula to art to science. Hula Halaus embody the spirit of Pele through mele and oli. Hawaii’s volcanoes provide inspiration to artists and writers who bring the Goddess alive in many art forms. And scientists study the inner workings of the earth to understand how and when volcanic eruptions may occur, providing information and safety for those who may be affected. Many dance with the Goddess… some literally, some figuratively… but it can be an intimate encounter nonetheless. And their stories remind us of that connection to the earth that can be made in no other way than by seeing the majesty of Pele for yourself. For the many people who never get to visit Hawaii’s volcanoes, as well as those who live close by, “Dancing with the Goddess” helps them make that connection, or possibly re-connect with the manifestations of Pele… to become more intimate with the birth of the earth.

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