Using traffic as a metaphor, this movie is a true comedy that celebrates cultural diversity and the idea that we ARE all different. Mirela, Jake and Hye-Won are expats in Mumbai, Tokyo and Munich. Far away from their native countries Germany, USA and South Korea they all need a driver´s license somewhat urgently. Their confusion over driving on the right or left side of the road, waving hand-signals or clicking are just the beginning of their big mission of how to adapt in a globalized world. While taking lessons and trying to pass their tests, they realize how their cultures are entirely in their way. If one wishes to drive there is no escape: one must adapt to CULTURE, not to rules! Mirela, an impatient, decisive German woman launches her international design business in India - where buying a coffee can take two hours. Jake, a very relaxed citizen of the USA, seduced by the glory and mystery of Tokyo, discovers that his favorite word ‘whatever’ does not translate in Japan. HyeWon, going through a family drama full of patterns of Korean traditions, learns to live by herself in Germany! And Who Taught You To Drive? is a fun, funny and dramatic story of people losing their way, finding another way, and discovering who they really are.

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