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238 Ratings
Rocketman 48 ,

He Won

Who Won in that argument that Michael was Better Than Prince?....Ya'll know PRINCE WON right.....This Video and Song is a sheer example as to what an artist can do if he goes back to his roots....this song and video reminds me of his old school stuff with new beats....PRINCE ALWAYS ROCKED AND FOREVER WILL.

live4love ,

totally hot!

I could listen 2 and watch Prince all day... great video!

KatSmittenKitten ,


Prince is perhaps one of those VERY RARE musical geniuses that one gets the chance to witness in a lifetime. If anyone of his caliber ever comes back around, I'll be honest: You, me & everyone we know will all be gone. Once in a LIFETIME means just that. He is without a doubt the ONE for anyone reading this. He writes, choreographs & at times plays all the instruments as well. And his singing and dancing? Well, let's see - he's been at this now for about 30 years (I'm using his age as of now [47] and saying he was 17 when he started. Hm....... thirty years(!) yet most women I know ranging anywhere from 15-60 would drink his dirty bath water. Also note that in 1999 sales skyrocketed for the single "1999" which he'd released 17 years earlier (1982). How many other musicians, & in his case artist, are TIMELESS? NOBODY tops him. Michael vs. Prince? Was that EVER a real question? LOL. Okay, if you're reading this (and please note that you are at the end) test yourself. Ever listen to "Beat It" anymore? ;*) Do yourself a favor; buy this video and watch this Pretty Man.... this sexy MF. You'll do it again and again I assure you.

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