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17 Ratings
Dbsjajabs ,



ArianaGLuver314159 ,

Artistic and Beautiful

What a beautiful yet emotional video for an alternative pop piece👏🏻it's very unique and different, like all of Halsey's music❤️❤️❤️

Subspecies Fan ,

Romeo + Juliet

I knew immediately what she was going for the moment that I saw two families standing in the precense of a priest. It brought me straight back to high school where we had to read Romeo & Juliet, and watch the 1986 version as well as the 1996 version of the film. We watched the old version first, took notes and then we watched the "latest" version, compared. The 1996 one was really weird because they were using Old English and everything was modern at the time, but it was interesting to think about what would happen if everything around us evolved, except our language. Anyway, the 1996 version made it easier to interpret because everyone was over-acting, which wasn't a bad thing. It made it relatable and easier for the younger audience to understand, while still holding onto William's play.

I'm hooked on this song and the music video was beautiful directed. Halsey seems like her own artist, so I don't get where people say that she's copying Lana, Lorde, or any of the others that seem like her. I believe she stands on her own. Her voice does remind me of Ellie Goulding, though. That raspy sound, which isn't terrible. There's something raw and real about it. Unfiltered yet beautiful.

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