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Darren Hayes rocks with his solo career. If you love this song, you should check out his UK released album called The Tension and The Spark. Darren's lyrics are amazing and heart felt. I am having this song played at my wedding for the first Bride and Groom dance- It's that good!!!

SO Beautiful!


Darren Hayes is by far the MOST gorgeous hunk of man to EVER walk the face of this earth..lol
This has been like my favorite song since I first heard it..His voice is like magic..iTunes really needs to put all his albums on here..

missing savage garden


after searching high and low for my "affirmation" cd and finally finding it, i hopped on here to see if i could find any of darrens latest songs. though i miss the 90's savage garden, his new stuff is also great. i love the way he re-invents himself everytime (though i'm partial to his long black hair gothic look circa 1997).

one thing i'm confused about though... i was under the impression that he was gay. it seems that in some of his videos hes shown with women in romantic situations. i hope he's not covering up his self just to satisfy the neo cons :/.

i hope itunes posts up his albums here so i can download!

About Darren Hayes

San Francisco-based pop/rock singer/songwriter Darren Hayes (born Darren Stanley Hayes) used to organize performances at home at a very young age supported by his mother, who became his first fan. After getting involved in school plays, the young and promising artist had the opportunity to join Daniel Jones in an outfit originally called Crush. They formed Savage Garden in 1997 in their native Brisbane, Australia. Hayes ended his marriage and decided to settle in the U.S. while Daniel Jones stayed in Australia before releasing their second and last album, called Affirmation. Savage Garden split up in 2001, leaving behind three successful years including the honor of becoming a leading number in the annual Most Broadcast Artists List issued by the Phonographic Performance Company of Australia (PPCA) for two years. Hayes debuted as a solo artist with the release of Spin, recorded in San Francisco, CA, and co-produced with Grammy Award-winning Walter Afanasieff. The 12-track record featured the hit single "Insatiable," a chart-topping song in Australia and one of the most added tracks on the American Top 40 radio stations soon after its release. Since that time, Hayes has released several recordings including Too Close for Comfort in 2003, Tension and the Spark in 2004, and This Delicate Thing We've Made in 2007. Hayes returned in 2012 with the studio album Secret Codes & Battleships. ~ Drago Bonacich

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
May 8, 1972




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