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Baby monitor Viewer is a complementary app that works with the app Baby Monitor for iPhone or iPad

With Baby Monitor Viewer, you can watch your baby’s awekenings.
Check from anywhere you are if he was taking care of the way you wanted it !

Be notified of your baby’s movement even at the office ! Check how your nanny took care of your baby once he started waking up.

Once the app opened, add the same account used on the iPad of iPhone to monitor the baby


If the baby wakes up or moves, the baby monitor app set up on your phone or tablet and in the baby’s room will immediately detects the sound and you will be informed on your Mac with a push notification. Different types of sounds alert are available for warnings.


If you have activated the recordings on the baby’s base, each awakening of your baby will be recorded and the videos will be available directly on your Mac Viewer. You can play, save or delete, your videos directly from your Mac.


Don’t miss a thing! Baby Monitor Viewer is storing via iCloud all the baby’s awakenings. Be aware of any movement and check if your baby is being taking care of properly!

Compatible Mac OS 10.9 or later versions

It is formally prohibited to spy on people without their knowledge and their consent. You are under obligation to prevent people at risk from being spied on.
The publisher cannot be held liable in case of improper usage of this application.
A mobile or Mac App can in no way replace the vigilance of an adult

RESPECT OF PRIVACY: Rest assured that no data from Baby Monitor will be stored without your knowledge, the video feed is protected and you are the only ones who can access it.

Có gì Mới

Phiên bản 1.2

- New design: discover the new design of Baby Monitor Viewer
- Multiple bug fixes

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