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Do you think your iPhone is too bright in the dark?
Do you have a problem about eye strain and fatigue when you surf the web?

If so, Let Dark Night Browser protect your eyes now.
Dark Night Browser is Eye care web browser come with all standard features that web browser should have and also plus many advanced features for an advanced user.

Eye care features:
- Brightness filter : Lower brightness than the system offer.
- Blue light filter : Help you sleep better.
- Dark mode : Help you read better in the dark.
- Increase font size : Help you read easier.
- Turn off all animation : Prevent you from dizzy and motion sickness.
- Rest your eye warning : Prevent you from Computer vision syndrome.

Standard features:
- Portrait and Landscape supported.
- Multiple Tab browsing.
- Bookmark.
- History.
- Clear history, cache, cookie.
- Request desktop site.
- Find on page.
- Reader View.
- Translate website language.
- Full screen browsing mode.
- Private browsing mode.
- Save and Autofill passwords.
- Selectable search engine.
- Search suggestion when typing.
- Most visited list.

Advanced features:
- Unlock with Passcode, Touch ID.
- Download and preview file.
- Many swipe gestures supported.
- Capture website screen to image : Both visible area and entire website.
- User Agent switcher : Simulate your device as Mobile, Tablet, Desktop.
- Manage MIME action : Change default action for each file type.
- Customize Display, Font size, User Agent etc. for each website individually.
- Keyboard helper : Help you type a number and symbol without switch keyboard layout.

*The Dark Mode and Screen Filter does not work outside this app.

Có gì Mới

Phiên bản 1.2.0

Layout adjustment for iPhone X.
Add URL scheme support (darknightbrowser://).

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Blue font on title is not clear.

where is friend list

Blue font on title is not clear.

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Thanks for feedback, your issues is fixed in new version.

Terrible browser


Not worth a star!

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Yêu cầu phiên bản iOS 9.3 trở lên. Tương thích với iPhone, iPad và iPod touch.
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Tiếng Anh
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