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Welcome to the ORIGINAL Jigsaw Puzzle app! Enjoy the largest, most beautiful collection of puzzles on the App Store, and play FREE jigsaw puzzles every day!

Jigsaw Puzzle is great for puzzlers of all ages and experience levels! Just pick your number of puzzle pieces and go, it's that simple!

Don’t let the imitation jigsaw apps fool you. Jigsaw Puzzle is the only app in the App Store made by the jigsaw puzzle experts! We handpick every image to ensure the highest level of quality. Check out some of our favorite puzzle packs, like World of Color, English Countryside and Enchanted Gardens. We're constantly creating new puzzles that we know you will love!

• 4 to 1024-piece puzzles (iPad)
• 4 to 400-piece puzzles (iPhone/iPod Touch)

• Over 20,000 beautiful, high quality images!
• A new FREE puzzle every day!!
• FREE downloadable puzzle packs
• New puzzle packs released each week
• Puzzles from your favorite jigsaw artists like Joseph Burgess and Nicky Boehme
• Turn your personal photos into your own custom puzzles!
• You can play on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad!
• Play large puzzles!
• Music soundtracks
• Move pieces in groups
• Scatter pieces on the puzzle area
• Rotate pieces for a greater challenge
• Challenge yourself with the special Tournament Pack
• Randomized pieces -- no two puzzles are the same
• Work on more than one puzzle at a time
• Saves every puzzle you've ever solved
• Share completed puzzles with your friends
• Game Center leaderboards -- Compete with your friends!
• 40+ distinct achievements to unlock

LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/mwjigsawpuzzle

Check back often to see all the new puzzles we've added!

Có gì Mới

Phiên bản 3.13.1

Share completed puzzles with family and friends! We made it easier than ever to save images of your completed puzzles and share them with friends over social media, email and text!

Listen to music as you play Jigsaw Puzzle! Select the Settings button from your home screen and choose "Music." We just added a new classical song - "Brahms: Waltz No 15".

We added a new background pack called “Style”! Select the Settings button from your home screen and choose "Backgrounds" to change the default wood game board area.

Learn fun facts and history about the puzzle images you complete. You'll see these captions when you complete a puzzle!

If you're enjoying Jigsaw Puzzle, please take a few seconds to leave us a review. We would love to hear from you as we strive to deliver the best jigsaw experience out there!

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76 đánh giá

76 đánh giá






Hay lắm

Great game!


Very exciting and fun game

Mua In-App

Sleepy Dogs

Every dog must have his day.





World Wonders

Tour around the world's greatest Wonders!



Enjoy Germany!


Amazing Sunsets

Enjoy these amazing sunsets!



Cottages & more


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Người bán
Critical Hit Software
Kích cỡ
135.9 MB
Danh mục
Trò chơi
Tương thích
Yêu cầu phiên bản iOS 9.0 trở lên. Tương thích với iPhone, iPad và iPod touch.
Ngôn ngữ
Tiếng Việt, Bokmål, Na Uy, Cộng hòa Séc, Kannada, Telugu, Tiếng Anh, Tiếng Ba Lan, Tiếng Ba Tư, Tiếng Bengali, Tiếng Bungari, Tiếng Bồ Đào Nha, Tiếng Catalan, Tiếng Croatia, Tiếng Do Thái, Tiếng Gujarati, Tiếng Hindi, Tiếng Hungary, Tiếng Hy Lạp, Tiếng Hà lan, Tiếng Hàn, Tiếng Indonesia, Tiếng Latvia, Tiếng Malayalam, Tiếng Marathi, Tiếng Mã Lai, Tiếng Nga, Tiếng Nhật, Tiếng Pháp, Tiếng Phần Lan, Tiếng Punjab, Tiếng Rumani, Tiếng Slovak, Tiếng Slovenia, Tiếng Tamil, Tiếng Thái, Tiếng Thổ Nhĩ Kỳ, Tiếng Thụy Điển, Tiếng Trung, Tiếng Trung Giản Thể, Tiếng Trung Phồn thể, Tiếng Tây Ban Nha, Tiếng Ukraina, Tiếng Ý, Tiếng Đan Mạch, Tiếng Đức, Tiếng Ả Rập
Giới hạn 4+
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© 2017 MobilityWare
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Mua In-App
  1. Gift Pack 2017 Miễn phí
  2. World of Color Upgrade Bundle 109.000đ
  3. Premium Upgrade 89.000đ

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