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Create cloud-based 3D models of real spaces to experience and share.

The Matterport 3D Capture System provides a full end-to-end solution to quickly and consistently capture and create dimensionally-accurate and visually-realistic digital models of interior spaces.

The Matterport Capture App is the first step in creating your own 3D model of a physical space:

Step 1 – Capture: The Matterport 3D Pro and Pro2 Cameras are controlled using this application to quickly capture depth data and imagery of a space.

Step 2 – Upload and View: The captured data is then uploaded to the Matterport cloud for processing. Users can log into My.Matterport.com to view their processed 3D models.

Step 3 – Experience and Share: Experience and share 3D models through the visually stunning Matterport 3D Showcase or launch Workshop to customize, measure or annotate the models.

Key App Features:
• Connect to and control your Matterport Pro or Pro 2 3D Camera
• Manage the capture process as you move to different locations within a space
• Upload your captured data to your account within the Matterport Cloud, where it's processed into a high-fidelity 3D model.

Có gì Mới

Phiên bản 2.4.2

• Supports the Fast Capture firmware beta program, which accelerates the rotation of your camera. For more information on this beta test, please see:
• Bug fixes!
• Improved instrumentation to support alignment testing

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Matterport Inc
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Yêu cầu phiên bản iOS 9.3 trở lên. Tương thích với iPad.
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Tiếng Anh, Tiếng Pháp, Tiếng Tây Ban Nha, Tiếng Đức
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