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Pitu's blockbuster launch "Crazy Cosplay" has fueled the hot topic "Wuzetian Cospaly", "Primary School Students Cosplay","Uniform Cosplay". With Super multi-burst play mode, such as Selfie Cam, Beauty makeup, Crazy ex-face, Pitu surged to 1st place of AppStore in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc

[Selfie Cam]Super cute, super fun self-timer camera. Beauty filters specifically designed for the portrait, face slimming, enlarge eyes, real-time makeup...A variety of dynamic stickers, become the most lovely one in SNS instantly. Magic background, gesture trigger, 3D decoration, we have everything you want!

[Edit] One click beautify. Simple and practical operation, cutting, rotating, special effects, spot blur, intelligent fill light, night enhancement, mosaic, star light mirror, instantly make your photos gorgeous.

[Beauty Makeup] One click beauty & makeup, you are the fairy! Intelligent facial features precise positioning ,slimming face, foundation, lip gloss, blush, nose high light, eyebrow, hair, you can even design your smile. A variety of optional makeup, bare, Korean, Japanese, natural...

[Story Collage] Massive fashion templates, exclusive intelligent watermark, create your own personality photo wall, spell a good mood. Record lift story, necessary for travelers!

[Crazy ex-face]Real-time face recognition, rich and varied role-changing, rocket-like update speed. Wuzetian, primary school students, uniforms...One second to turn yourself into super stars!

[GIF Emoticon]All kinds of the hottest stickers nowadays, recording their own expression emoticon.

[PikaPika] lovely creative stickers, make your life soooooo cute. Pink ice, flower honey, holiday island ... ... colorful filters and templates for you to choose. Make your own exclusive stickers immediately!

[Cutout] Easy image matting, creat unique and funny photos! Interesting scene and 3D artistic effect, all for magic photography.

[Dynamic MV]Easy to use MV production tools. Add pictures, select templates, generate a small movie conveniently,you can even add your own music, come and realize your director dream!

Có gì Mới

Phiên bản 5.11.0

Pitu Spring Festival Special Edition.
[Beauty Cam] Remove dark circles and have a good look.
[Camera Stickers] materials for the Spring Festival of the Year of the Pig are on sale, update and experience!
[Fun Video] Record personalized greeting videos ~ Make your Spring Festival more lively!
[Crazy Ex-face] Cute God of Wealth, Fuwa and more Spring Festival characters for time-limited experience.
[Edit] New pearly graffiti pen brings good luck for a year

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2.5 N đánh giá
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Tencent Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
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Ảnh & Video
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Yêu cầu phiên bản iOS 8.1 trở lên. Tương thích với iPhone, iPad và iPod touch.

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Tiếng Anh, Tiếng Hàn, Tiếng Nhật, Tiếng Trung Giản Thể, Tiếng Trung Phồn thể

Giới hạn 4+
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