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Visitors to Hong Kong can download the Travel Hong Kong Wi-Fi app to enjoy free Wi-Fi.

You can depend on a reliable and stable online experience in coffee shops, restaurants, payphone kiosks, convenience stores, malls, MTR stations and Airport Express stations and trains.

As Hong Kong's leading wireless broadband service provider, csl Wi-Fi was first to launch 1,000Mbps hotspots*. These sources of superfast Internet access can be found at a limited number of locations throughout Hong Kong.

The Travel Hong Kong Wi-Fi app provides:

• Free Wi-Fi for visitors to Hong Kong (using a non-Hong Kong SIM card)
• A search function for csl Wi-Fi hotspots

*1,000Mbps is the network specification for Wi-Fi 802.11ac only applicable to selected csl Wi-Fi hotspots in limited locations. However, actual speeds experienced by customers using the network or hotspots are considerably less than the respective network specifications and will be affected by user's mobile device (e.g. number of internal antenna equipped), location, network coverage and usage, international bandwidth and other extraneous factors.

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