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Born in Zambia to musician parents, he grew up listening to his father’s reggae and his mother’s gospel music. And as a boy in Botswana, he grew to love hip-hop, jazz, rock and R&B. But it was in South Africa that singer/songwriter Moonga K. Kapambwe—better known by his stage name Moonga K. —was accepted into the prestigious Drakensberg Boys’ Choir School, where he perfected a soulful, honeyed tone that found a niche in the intimate spaces between his beloved genres. His 2017 6-track EP Free was hailed for its vivid fusion of introspective neo-soul, confessional alt-pop and elements of traditional R&B. Not resting on his laurels, however, 2018 saw the former My African Dream: Talent Search finalist again switching up the game on his full-length debut, Wild Solace. The LP saw the young artist pushing the boundaries of alt-soul by successfully incorporating heavier elements of alternative rock, dance and feel-good pop into a stylish mix befitting a true musical nomad.